FRAGRANCED & Anti-Bacterial Desiccant for Bins

Formulated by a qualified biochemist with many years experience, this safe and effective natural biocide for waste bins, feminine hygiene and nappy bins, also contains a moisture adsorbing desiccant.

SaniPRO uses  a chemically inert desiccant having the capacity to adsorb high quantities of natural liquid biocide and fragrance – producing a highly concentrated product that remains dry and free-flowing. One sachet is effective in controlling malodour in a feminine hygiene bin for at least 6 weeks.

The Crystals:

Small grade crystals:  (The smaller the grade the bigger the surface area of the crystal and the faster the biocide and fragrance releases into the bin).

The Biocide:

We use only natural teatree oil – expensive, but the best.  Proven to be active in the vapour phase.  Combines and works well with the fragrance.

The activity of the biocide in the vapour phase is important – by filling the bin with the vapour all waste deposited will be exposed to the biocide – not just where it is in contact at the bottom of the bin.

The Fragrance: The fragrance is complex being a blend of 6 different component parts, each chosen for longevity and their effect in controlling the kind of malodours that arise from bins. (Formulated and owned by R-Tech Solutions Ltd).

Per case + VAT
(Subject to Postcode)
100 sachets per
Zipped wallet.
7 wallets per case
SAN 002£70.00 ex works£10.50
(All quantities)
Bottle with metering plug

12 Bottles x 450grm
(approx 960 doses per case)
SAN 03£128.00 ex works£10.50
(All quantities)