Silica Gel Sachets – including Indicator

“Stickpack” Silica Gel Sachets – from 0.5grm up to 25 grm. See table below. 

Top grade desiccant for maximum performance and fastest possible moisture uptake, exceeding the requirements of BS 7554:1992. All encapsulation materials approved for use in contact with food including, paper, Tyvek and Tyvek substitute. 

Indicator: The indicator used is orange to green. A small indictor sachet is enclosed with each bag (all products). This should be orange when the bag is opened for use and gives assurance that the product meets absorption capacity levels specified by BS7554. If indicator sachets are required, then encapsulation material is a food grade, high tensile strength filter paper which allows colour change to be seen through it. Because this is a lighter weight material, it is not recommended for sachets above 10grm. 

Print: We have a standard print shown in the illustrations, but we can also produce a one-colour text to meet customer’s specific requirements. 

Stock: We hold small stocks but generally produce to order. “Use by” date is 2 years from date of manufacture. We have warehousing on site and are able to maintain good levels of raw materials enabling us to offer a fast turnaround. 

Despatches: Individual cartons (minimum order 1 carton) despatched by courier. Pallets with maximum of 51 cartons next day delivery for most UK mainland destinations. 

R-Tech Solutions Limited produces these goods in South Wales. UK manufacturing offers several benefits, including complete control over production, quick delivery, and flexibility. Having worked with desiccants for over 30 years, we are always here to offer advice.

We are also the only manufacturer in the UK of the smaller sachets 

R-Tech CodeWeight Grms.Sachet Size mmPacking within cartonTotal Per Carton 000’s
SGS-050.523 x 3610 bags x 150015
SGS-11.023 x 4510 bags x 100010
SGS-22.023 x 6010 bags x 5005
SGS-33.023 x 7010 bags x 4004
SGS-55.040 x 651 bag x 20002
SGS-1010.040 x 801 bag x 10001
SGS-2525.040 x 1151 bag x 5000.5
SGS-25 Def Stan25.040 x 1201 bag x 5000.5

The indicator used is orange, changing to green as moisture is adsorbed.

Despatches: Individual cartons are sent on next-day courier service.

Pallets: 51 cartons per pallet – usually 2/3 days.