Desiccant Bags – including MOD (For Bandoliers please contact us)

  • Industrial and conforming to Def.Stan 81-68/4, Mil Spec etc.
  • Silica Gel – quality white bead conforming to BS.7554-1992
  • Standard Activated Clay
  • Mineral Desiccant – Enhanced Clay Option
  • Super Desiccant – New High Absorption

Mineral Desiccant equals silica gel in performance and weight per Desiccant Unit -but is lower in price. Its lower weight per Desiccant Unit can also result in a lower cost compared to Standard Activated Clay Sachets. This makes it a very attractive desiccant option. Contact Us for more information.

Our SUPER Desiccants (available in 50grm and 125grm packs) will absorb 10 times that of silica gel – but stay dry at all times.

All bags are tough, untearable and dust proof.


Box Qty
SG-25TMSilica Gel 1 DU25500
SG-25TM-DSSilica Gel – Def Stan1 DU25500
SG-50TMSilica Gel 2 DU50300
SG-50TM-DSSilica Gel – Def Stan2 DU50300
SG-100TMSilica Gel 4 DU100160
SG-100TM-DSSilica Gel – Def Stan4 DU100160
SG-250TMSilica Gel 10 DU25080
SG-250TM-DSSilica Gel – Def Stan10 DU25080
SG-500TMSilica Gel 20 DU50040
SG-500TM-DSSilica Gel – Def Stan20 DU50040
AC-25TMStandard Activated Clay 1 DU33500
AC-50TMStandard Activated Clay2 DU66300
AC-100TMStandard Activated Clay4 DU132160
AC-250TMStandard Activated Clay10 DU33080
AC-500TMStandard Activated Clay20 DU66040
MD-25TMMD Enhanced Clay 1 DU25500
MD-50TMMD Enhanced Clay 2 DU50300
MD-100TMMD Enhanced Clay 4 DU100160
MD-250TMMD Enhanced Clay 10 DU25080
MD-500TMMD Enhanced Clay 20 DU50040
TS-50-DPSuper Desiccant20 DU25120
TS-125-DPSuper Desiccant50 DU12548